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About Pool Repair

We provide a comprehensive list of the greatest swimming pool repair services, all of which come with a guarantee of superior workmanship, convenience, and affordability. We recognise that swimming pool equipment can occasionally malfunction due to technical, mechanical, structural, or other types of issues. And, to help you, our organisation has a team of experts with over 10 years of expertise in the swimming pool repair service industry.

Certain swimming pool flaws can sometimes be easily identified before they occur. Others, on the other hand, do not typically give any advance warning and can occur even when utilising the pool. The issue can manifest itself in one or more swimming pool parts. As a result, our pool repair services include a diverse variety of swimming pool parts, accessories, and issues.

Our Repair Services

When it comes to swimming pool repair, we recognise that each pool has its own set of components depending on the design and kind you have on your property. As a result, our solutions are always tailored to the specific problem at hand as well as your expectations.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are always ready to help you in the quickest time possible. Our Customer Support staff will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with the best solution. We can dispatch a team of engineers to your site to assess the pool and provide the necessary repairs on short notice.

We have the most competitive prices in the market. Our charges are quite variable and may be changed to fit any budget, ensuring that you do not face any financial hardship. Following an inspection of the swimming pool, we will analyse the necessary repairs with you and provide a free estimate for the entire project.

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Pool Leak Repair

No matter how robustly your swimming pool was built, occasional mishaps, long exposure to heat as in the case of Singapore, or perhaps time itself can cause the components within your swimming pool to break down. The common damage faced by pool owners is swimming pool leakage issue, and this is where we can be activated to perform a highly durable swimming pool waterproofing solution on the pool. Beside leakage damage, there are several types of damage that can occur in your pool, which range from shell or tile damage. On occasions, it may even be that the lighting fixture or your pool’s heating system require much-needed refurbishing. In cases like this, this is when you can relied on our team to diagnose and provide you with highly specific repair solution.

Before you recommend a solution, you need to find the core of the problem. Our team of experts conducts a thorough diagnosis and evaluation of your swimming pool so as to nip the issue right in the bud. Identifying the root cause allows us to recommend the right solution customised to specifically address the problem once and for all. We offer a one-stop waterproofing and repair solution, catering to all types of swimming pool leaks and repair needs. We have an adept team of technicians, capable of handling pool waterproofing work, underwater repairs and maintenance, including repairs and maintenance of pool filters, heater, pumps, tiles and pipes.

Pool Filter Repair

We specialise in the installation and replacement of pool filters, covering a wide range of filter types such as cartridge, sand or diatomaceous earth (DE). The filtration system of the pool is crucial for filtering out large particles such as sand to ensure a clean, and safe water, free of contaminants. Ideally, the filter should be replaced before there is further deterioration in water quality.

Pool Pump Repairs And Maintenance

Another integral component of your pool is the pool pump, which generally comes in three different types: filtering, self-suction and centrifugal pumps. Although normally self-priming, the strainer basket requires regular cleaning. The pool pump keeps the water in regular motion to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae from developing on your swimming pool’s surface.

Pool Heater Repairs

Of all the components of your swimming pool, the heater is usually the one that requires the least maintenance, but is essential, especially for discerning pool owners. The pool heaters, whether gas or electric, regulate the temperature of the water. If the heater no longer warms up your pool, it may be because calcium scales are building up its tubes. If you prefer a cooler pool, we also have pool coolers, perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid environment.

Pipe Burst Repair Services

A burst pipe results in cubic meters of water being lost, skyrocketing utility bills, and in general, inconvenience for the homeowner. Pipes are responsible for transferring water to and from your swimming pool. If it bursts, consider it an emergency. Our team of experts will respond in the shortest response time possible to carry out the necessary inspection and pipe repair works.

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Common Pool Repair Works

We also handle other common swimming pool repairs, such as pool waterproofing, fibreglass pool repairs, vinyl liner repairs, deck repairs, and underwater repair services including pool lighting fixture replacement. If the components are declared beyond repair, we have a large stock of high-quality pool equipment such as lights, pumps, pipes, and filtration systems that may be installed right away. To ensure that you receive only the finest, our equipment and parts are of the greatest quality while being affordable, allowing you to enjoy your pool for a longer amount of time.

Pool Deck Repair

If the deck of your concrete swimming pool is discoloured, uneven, or plain unpleasant, you should have it inspected as soon as possible. The longer these types of faults go untreated, the more serious they will become in the long run. Concrete pool decks are expected to crumble with time, especially in Singapore’s unsettlingly harsh, blazing heat. Cracking or splitting along your pool deck, or even across the pool area, would not only be unsightly, but it also has long-term consequences that could end up costing you more money in the long run than having it repaired right away.

Your swimming pool is a precious investment. But like most investments, it depreciates due to factors beyond your control. A once-pristine concrete pool deck that was your crowning glory in days past would eventually crack and become an eyesore. If you are embarrassed to show off your swimming pool to your guests, then it is time to do something about it. Resurfacing would be a wise option. Repair your pool deck, without absolute concrete replacement, through our variety of pool deck repair options. Your pool deck can get its much-needed facelift with new designs, colors or texture that complements your taste – and impresses your guests.

Pool Liner Repair

Many private swimming pools feature a vinyl liner, as may be seen with a careful eye. A vinyl liner is essential for safeguarding your pool, since it serves as a waterproofing membrane between the water and the structure. The liners are made of tough fabrics that withstand tearing and punctures. However, if done incorrectly, your pool vinyl liner would not last as long as it should. On the other hand, the elements do take their toll on the vinyl liners, resulting in corrosion. Your swimming pool liner, which is the primary waterproofing barrier, will be weakened by chlorine and UV radiation, leaving your pool vulnerable to leaks and damage.

If you see any breaks or holes in your pool liner, have them repaired right once. Repairing the problem while it is still small is preferable to investing additional money to remove and replace the pool liner with a costly new one. We take care of these small repairs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Tiles Re-plastering, Repair Or Placement

The ground around your swimming pool settles as it ages, causing the distance between the tiles to widen. Water leaking occurs as a result of this natural phenomenon. This is unavoidable, no of how well-built your pool is. Our specialists can re-plaster, repair, or replace your tiles, allowing you to continue using your pool without interruption.

Swimming Pool Motor

Swimming pool motors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which is why it’s best to leave their repair to an expert in the event of a problem. Our professionals are knowledgeable in pool motors and can provide the best system to keep your pool running smoothly. Even whether you require swimming pool motor installation or renovation, our professionals can assist you.

Swimming Pool Filter

We can repair and refurbish all types of swimming pool filters to minimise any concerns that users may experience if the component fails. Our engineers, on the other hand, can replace an existing swimming pool filter for you.

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