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Our client base has been continuously rising in tandem with our recognition as one of Singapore’s leading one-stop companies for the building and maintenance of swimming pools, as well as other vital household needs such as waterproofing and other restoration work.


Despite our small size, we have always been able to fulfil a wide range of pool and water feature repair demands, providing high-quality services and competent labor at extremely reasonable and competitive prices.

About Pro Pool

We are a reputable swimming pool service provider that you can rely on for high-quality maintenance and other services. Unlike traditional swimming pool repair, maintenance, and upgrade methods and procedures, we take different approaches to assure that you always get customised solutions. In fact, our company is the best swimming pool contractor to call when you need to repair, maintain, or improve your home or business pool.

We aim to provide solutions for a more pleasant and happy aquatic existence within the constraints of your home or business premises by providing these swimming pool services. Despite the fact that our firm is new, we have swimming pool specialists who have received sufficient training and have more than 10 years of experience in the swimming pool repair and maintenance field. As a result, we have always been able to provide the greatest services.

What We Do

When it comes to delivering the greatest advice and guidance for a distinctive swimming pool design, tailored specifically for diverse styles, requirements, lifestyles, and budgets, we are the go-to partner for both residential and business owners.

We recognise that swimming pools can suffer a variety of issues that may necessitate repair, maintenance, or upgrade. As a result, we’ve assembled a team of the top swimming pool specialists and resources to provide you with all of the services you require under one roof. In our projects, we only meet the greatest standards in terms of efficiency, originality, and creativity. Our firm was created on the promise of providing the best services possible to maintain every swimming pool looking great and feeling distinct for as long as possible.

Our Services

You can always rely on us for a diverse variety of swimming pool repair, maintenance, and upgrading services. We’re also working to broaden our offering to include additional specialised swimming pool treatments for both in-ground and above-ground pools. Swimming pool maintenance, steam room, spa, and jacuzzi services are all included in our swimming pool repair services. Our engineers are capable of doing repairs, as well as installation and refurbishment, for a wide range of concerns.

Why Choose Us

You can always expect skilled and customised workmanship when you hire our business to repair, maintain, and enhance your swimming pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, spa pool, and water feature. We aim to provide dependable services at competitive and affordable rates, delivered at your convenience. Speak with one of our experts for the finest swimming pool repair, maintenance, and upgrading services in Singapore, tailored to your specific requirements and budget!

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We are a seasoned group of experts who take pleasure in the quality of our work and the level of service we provide. We take pleasure in our professionalism, which extends to even the most little aspects of our job.

Professional Advice

We guaranteed that you could reach the final decision on your pool needs easily and without regret, armed with our extensive swimming pool expertise and expert advise on building, maintenance, and repairs.

Transparent Pricing

Our prices are fair, open, and competitive. Regardless of the exceptional quality you receive from us, you can rest confident that we will not overcharge you because we also consider your budget.

Customer Service

While working with a client, we build a long-term relationship with them. We promise only the highest standard when it comes of service maintenance. Our customer relationships are extremely important to us. True expertise has been assured to us.

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